UWTSD’s Professional Practice Team helps empower young voices in Rotary competition

The University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD) is proud of the active involvement of two members from its Professional Practice team, Sarah Loxdale and Lowri Harris, in supporting the Rotary Youth Speaks debate competition that was held at QE High school, Carmarthen.

As part of their commitment to community engagement, inspiring future students, promoting UWTSD, and lifelong learning, Sarah and Lowri are dedicated to fostering meaningful connections and facilitating constructive dialogues within the youth community.

Rotary Youth Speaks, organised by Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland, is a team competition designed for 11 – 17-year-olds. The competition is open to teams from various backgrounds, including schools, colleges, home-educated individuals, and various community organisations such as RotaKids, Interact, Scout Groups, Girl Guides, and more. Each team, consisting of three young individuals, prepare and present a 15-minute debate on a topic of their choice in front of an audience.

Both Lowri and Sarah assisted in judging a number of teams from across South Wales, from Gwent to Pembrokeshire, who had won local heats and were now competing at the district level, which included teams from QE High School in Carmarthen, Llanishen High School, Crickhowell High School, St Joseph’s High School and Cwmtawe Community Schooland.

Sarah Loxdale, a member of UWTSD’s Professional Practice team said: “We believe in nurturing young voices and encouraging them to actively participate in discussions that matter. The Rotary Youth Speaks debate offers a unique platform for young minds to formulate ideas, express themselves, and engage in constructive debates.”

Lowri Harris, another member of the Professional Practice team, highlighted the significance of promoting, supporting and inspiring future students.

“As educators, we see the potential in every individual. By participating in initiatives like Rotary Youth Speaks, we empower students to explore their capabilities, develop discipline in time management, and hone their skills in expression and presentation.”

The aims and objectives of the Rotary Youth Speaks competition align with UWTSD’s mission in Transforming Education, Transforming Lives.

“We are thrilled to be part of a competition that not only aligns with our values but also provides a platform for young minds to grow,” said Sarah Loxdale. “It’s about more than just debates; it’s about fostering a generation that is articulate, informed, and ready to contribute positively to society.”

Andrew Edwards from Carmarthen Tywi Rotary Club, commended the University’s Professional Practice team for championing youth debates through their active involvement in the Rotary Youth Speaks competition.

He said: “The commitment of Sarah and Lowri to community engagement, inspiring future students, and fostering constructive dialogues is excellent. The Rotary Youth Speaks competition, designed for 11 – 17-year-olds, perfectly aligns with UWTSD’s mission, providing a unique platform for young minds to grow, express themselves, and contribute positively to society. “

Sarah and Lowri would like to wish the winning team, Crickhowell High School well in the next round of competition and congratulate all that took part in what was a very high standard of debate.