Cardiff Expert and Champion of Nanomedicine Publishes Pioneering Research on Kidney Biomechanics

Dr. Aadarsh Mishra, 27, an alumnus of Oxford University and Cardiff University, has recently published a research paper on the biomechanics of porcine kidneys, offering new insights that could revolutionize the treatment of kidney stones and improve the diagnosis of chronic kidney disease. His study, titled “Biomechanical Modelling of Porcine Kidney,” was featured in the prestigious journal Bioengineering and marks a significant milestone in the field of medical biomechanics.

Dr. Mishra’s research delved into the viscoelastic properties of porcine kidneys, providing a detailed analysis of the stress-strain response across the organ’s upper, middle, and lower poles. Utilizing oscillatory shear tests, Dr. Mishra measured the storage modulus and loss modulus of kidney tissues, unveiling the complex viscoelastic behavior dependent on strain rate. This data is crucial for developing accurate models that predict tissue response during medical procedures, potentially improving the efficacy and safety of treatments like shock wave lithotripsy (SWL).

One of the notable achievements of this study is the comparison of different constitutive models. The research demonstrated that the semi-fractional Kelvin-Voigt (SFKV) model provided a better correlation in capturing the mechanical behaviour of kidney tissues than conventional Standard Linear Solid (SLS) models. This work paves the way for more precise simulations and predictions in kidney stone treatment, reducing the risk of complications and enhancing patient outcomes.

Dr. Aadarsh Mishra was awarded BEng in Mechanical Engineering with a First Class Honours from Cardiff University

In addition to his recent publication, Dr. Mishra has a distinguished academic and professional background. He graduated with First Class Honours in Mechanical Engineering from Cardiff University in 2017. During his undergraduate studies, he worked with Alesi Surgical Ltd. (Cardiff) as a Research and Development (R&D) Engineer, where he co-invented the ‘electrode shield’ design, later filed as an international patent.

Dr. Mishra’s contributions to the field extend beyond kidney biomechanics. He has published a chapter in the book ‘Power Ultrasonics’ and presented his work at several international conferences. His innovative approach and dedication to advancing medical science were recognized in March 2024 when he was named the Champion of The British Society for Nanomedicine.

Moreover, Dr. Mishra’s achievements have been acknowledged by prestigious institutions. At just 19, he was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, underscoring his exceptional contributions to science and research.

His recent honour, presenting his findings at Cardiff University school of engineering research conference (12th June 2024) as a panel member, further solidifies his reputation in the scientific community. The event, attended by academics, and lecturers, focused on the intersection of biomechanics and artificial intelligence (AI), highlighting the potential for these fields to synergistically advance medical research and treatment.

Dr. Mishra’s research holds significant promise for the future of kidney treatment and diagnosis. By providing a deeper understanding of kidney tissue mechanics, his work opens new avenues for developing sophisticated medical devices and techniques. These advancements aim to minimize tissue damage during procedures, enhancing patient care and outcomes.

Dr. Aadarsh Mishra with other academics at Cardiff University

Reflecting on his journey, Dr. Mishra expressed his enthusiasm for the potential impact of his research. “My long-term goal is to predict damage in tissues during medical procedures, which will significantly improve the safety and efficacy of treatments such as lithotripsy. The insights gained from our study will also contribute to designing better diagnostic tools and therapeutic strategies for kidney-related ailments.”

Dr. Mishra’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of medical science continues to inspire and drive innovation in the field. His work not only enhances our understanding of kidney biomechanics but also sets a new standard for interdisciplinary research, promising a brighter future for patient care and medical treatments.

For more details on Dr. Aadarsh Mishra’s research, you can read the full paper here:


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Dr. Aadarsh Mishra presenting his results at Cardiff University school of engineering research conference 2024 as a panel member.